How Do I Get Rid Of The Smell Of Weed

How Do I Get Rid Of The Smell Of Weed?

Returning home after a lengthy day, enjoying a shower, and unwinding with some material from your weed box sub is a great feeling. However, the strong smell of weed smoke can be an issue. The drug is commonly called "skunk weed" because of its strong and enduring odor. The smell of weed can stick to almost every surface in your home, making it appear challenging to remove. This odor might be irritating for your roommates or family, particularly if they don't really like to consume it. It can even be bothersome for you if you don't want to constantly smell the drug at all times.

Fortunately, there are ways to permanently remove the weed smell.

Understanding Where The Weed Smell Comes From

The strong and distinctive smell of cannabis is attributed to various compounds called terpenes found in the plant. Notable terpenes include:

  • Myrcene, responsible for the musky, herbal scent
  • Limonene, gives off a citrusy aroma
  • Pinene, which resembles the smell of pine trees

The aroma can vary based on different strains, influencing the scent in your room or car. Despite the strain, many types of cannabis share a common, recognizable "cannabis aroma".

When you burn weed, it typically produces a potent, herbal odor with skunky notes of diesel and earth. This scent can linger in the room and cling to your hair and clothes. Although this smoke is less dense than cigarette smoke, it disperses more quickly from the room and travels farther.

This means that if you smoke at home, the smell might be noticeable to other residents in your building. However, there are various tricks you can employ to eliminate weed odor.

Another reason it has a strong smell is the presence of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) in it. While all cannabis varieties contain similar VSCs, their concentrations differ. One specific compound, 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol (VSC3), found in most types, contributes to the "skunky" smell. VSC3 shares similarities with the VSCs in garlic or onions, and these scents can stick to your skin and clothes.

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The Method Of Consumption Also Plays A Role

The odor left behind after smoking isn't solely influenced by the location but is significantly affected by how and what you smoke. The choice of smoking devices plays a crucial role, as some produce more smoke than others. For instance, a one-hitter pipe is favored by some as it allows you to light up, exhale the smoke, and have it dissipate quickly. In contrast, a joint acts like a mini torch in your hand, emitting more smoke.

Moreover, different marijuana strains contribute varying levels of unwanted smells. It's advisable to conduct research, whether online or at a dispensary, before purchasing new strains to be aware of their potential odor impact. Understanding the nuances of the smoking process and choosing strains carefully can help minimize the lingering smell associated with smoking.

  • Burning weed produces more smoke that adheres to clothes and skin.
  • Vaping tends to leave a less pungent smell, although a faint odor may be detectable.
  • Topicals usually contain additional ingredients to mask the smell.
  • Tinctures and edibles are generally less pungent and are not easily detectable, except during the preparation process.

What Are Some Safe Odor Eliminators For Weed?

Opening Windows

Opening windows and using a fan is very commonly used to get rid of the weed smell. However, this may not be practical during cooler temperatures or rainy weather. If you smoke only on warm and sunny days, letting in fresh air while expelling weed odors can effectively make your home feel fresher.

Burning Candles or Incense

This is something people often get in their weed sub boxes too. Candles, specifically those made of beeswax or soy wax, are considered a safe option for masking weed smell because they lack harmful chemicals. The same applies to incense, traditionally composed of resins, wood, bark, and flowers. However, their effectiveness is limited to the duration of burning.

Essential Oils Diffuser

Using an essential oils diffuser is a common and chemical-free method to get rid of odors. A perfect air freshener for removing weed smell. Essential oils, concentrated extracts from flowers and plants, can be dispersed into the air through diffusers. One way is by immersing reed diffusers into the oils and placing them around the room.

Electric diffusers, which utilize water to release scents in a gradual stream, can be left running until they run out, automatically turning off.


Cleaning with natural products, such as white vinegar, can manage the residue on surfaces to eliminate the weed smell. Cleaning is considered a beneficial physical activity, especially if done every time you smoke weed. However, doing this daily may not be something you want to undertake one or more times a day.


Certain foods and aromas can effectively neutralize the smell and act as an air purifier for weed. The distinct odor of spicy chili or the scent of slightly burnt popcorn and coffee beans can rapidly overpower any lingering marijuana smells in the room. Plus, you can get tasty snacks and beverages!

It's crucial to note that food aromas can permeate your space as easily and thoroughly as the smell of marijuana. If you're not a fan of this, cooking may not provide the odor-eliminating solution you seek.

Marijuana-Specific Products

There are various products available, such as bags, containers, smoke-trapping devices, sprays, and air filters, specifically designed to eliminate weed smells from your home. If you opt for these solutions, it's essential to do some research. How effective are these products according to other customers, and do they consistently deliver results?

Moreover, you can find a lot of weed subscription boxes that often include these types of things.

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Long-Term Solutions For Eliminating Weed Smell

After attempting proper ventilation methods and masking the smoke smell, if a persistent odor still lingers, addressing the issue at its source becomes crucial. Since marijuana smoke can bind with contaminants like dust and grime, comprehensive cleaning is essential. In bathrooms, the smoke smell may adhere to hard water buildup.

Wash anything exposed to the smoke, including bedding, curtains, and rugs. Fabrics often accumulate smoke particles or resin, the sticky insoluble residue found on smoking devices.

For items where the smell persists in fabric, soak them in alcohol or spot clean with it. Adding a touch of orange essential oil can further help mask the smell. Alcohol also proves effective against resin buildup in various areas of the home.

In case resin becomes sticky on surfaces like tables, use a mixture of alcohol and orange oil with a straight edge for removal. Steam clean for stubborn scents in couches, carpets, or upholstery. If all else fails, considering professional home cleaning may be a viable option.

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