The Best Weed Subscription Boxes: A Complete Guide?

The Best Weed Subscription Boxes: A Complete Guide?

Getting something in the mail can be exciting. It feels great when you're told your package has arrived or when a surprise parcel shows up. Weed sub-boxes make it possible to get mail customized to your cannabis needs. Now, instead of just bills, political mail, and coupons, your mailbox could have something more exciting. These cannabis subscription boxes vary, from ones that offer accessories across the country to others that focus on specific states and offer flowers and infused products. 

Keep scrolling down to learn about the top weed subscription boxes you can get right now.

Greeen Box

The Greeen Box Cannabis Subscription Box offers top-quality CBD products, from excellent flowers to tasty edibles and cool accessories. It's more than just a monthly weed box; it's a tailored experience for you.

If you're tired of the same old routine, Greeen Box has something new every month, like fresh edibles, flowers, or vapes. They even partner with famous brands and artists for special editions. Each box is a treat, and every puff is special!

No more hassle of going to stores or searching online. Greeen Box delivers premium, organic products right to your door every month. You'll find chocolates, vapes, gummies, pre-rolls, and more in each box. It's like a gift of wellness for yourself or someone you care about.

Greeen Box makes sure you get the best weed box subscription, whether you're new to smoking or experienced. Their team helps you choose the right products through a virtual guide.

Rest assured, all Greeen Box products are top-notch and tested for quality. Subscribers even get special benefits like discounts and access to premium stuff. It's a simple way to enjoy great cannabis products every month.

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Stoney Babe Boxes

This weed sub-box is for ladies who love weed. They come with delicate devices and fun gifts, and there's a new theme each month. In December, it's the Naughty List, and in November, it was the alien-themed Otherworldly box. You'll find smoking tools, lighters, stash jars, and more inside, priced from $20 to $35. You can also buy individual pieces online.

Daily High Club

This subscription is for fans of South Park, older millennials, and Gen Xers, especially those who like dabbing. It's bold, funny, and has stuff for stoners. December's box has a toking elf pipe and a cocoa banger with a worried gingerbread man, costing $49.99. Older sets like Turkey Day Touchdown and Mobster Boxes are still available, but now they cost $100.


Sensi Box Original doesn't follow typical monthly themes, but they put together boxes of cute accessories that match well. In January, subscribers will get a kit with a ceramic leaf pipe, a cloud nug dish, a rosewood doob tube, and Crop Kings wrap. This box shows the delicate and pretty pieces found in these kits. The Original cost $39.99. You can also grab the SensiLight Surprise for $24.99, which has a lighter version of the monthly stuff, including a pipe and other goodies.

Girly Bud Box

Similar to Stoney Babe Boxes, the Girly Bud Box is for those who like their feminine side. In December, it's filled with red and green accessories in a Christmas-themed box. In October, Dia De Los Muertos’ inspired sugar skulls were the highlight. The Girly Bud Box includes a glass piece, a stash jar, papers, roach clips, and more, starting at $35.

Lucky Box

People in California can order the Lucky Box, filled with cannabis products from select brands. It works like a delivery dispensary, offering a special selection of flowers, edibles, vapes, extracts, drinks, and topicals chosen after initial calls. These boxes can be delivered on the same day or within 24 hours.

Club Swami

Club Swami is a members-only subscription box featuring flowers grown by Swami himself. In California, members receive a half-ounce of cured, private reserve pot packaged in four eighths for $160. The current box showcases Lemon Sour Diesel, also known as LSD, harvested in October.

High Hello

Michigan residents can choose from six tiers of the High Hello weed subscription box. They meet with a budtender to pick the tier that matches their personal consumption preferences and habits. They can opt for strict flowers or a mix of products ranging from $75 to $150.

Wellness Grams

Cannaluxxe offers Holiday Grams in California and Nevada, a twist on the typical subscription box. Like sending holiday or Valentine’s candy grams to school, friends can nominate loved ones to receive a personalized box of fabulous cannabis products.

Nugg Club

This cannabis subscription box is for users who want top-notch marijuana products from popular California brands. It offers around seven products per month, including actual cannabis, for $99. You can also purchase additional items from their website as well. 


Cannabox is a cannabis accessory subscription box that doesn't include actual cannabis. It offers high-quality products like rolling papers, dab tools, jars, small bongs, bubblers, rigs, and apparel for $32.99 per month, available in many countries.


Hemper provides a comprehensive cannabis subscription box with five different options, including a cleaning subscription box. It doesn't include actual cannabis but offers various items catering to cannabis users, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $150.

The Gravity Stoner Box

It is known as the Stone monthly box and is a popular subscription service for cannabis smokers. It's made to enhance the smoking experience. Each month, subscribers receive a glass bong or water pipe, a favorite tool for smoking cannabis. The box also contains a bottle of Formula 420 cleaning solution to keep the bong or pipe clean. Five metal screens are included to prevent hot ash and debris from getting into the mouth while smoking. Additionally, there's a torch lighter to light the bowl. Overall, the Stone monthly box offers a complete set of items to enhance the smoking experience for cannabis enthusiasts. It's priced at $28.99 to $34.99 with free shipping and doesn't have a monthly theme, allowing customers to buy it one time.

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Pros And Cons Of Weed Subscription Box:

The best things about a weed subscription box are the convenience and variety. You get new and exciting products every month without going to the store or searching for yourself. However, there's no guarantee of product quality, and you might receive things you don't like or need. Shipping fees can pile up, and local laws might limit available products. It's important to consider both sides before subscribing and decide wisely.


  • Convenience: Subscribing to a monthly weed box offers the convenience of having all your favorite cannabis products delivered to your doorstep with just a click. No need to leave home or wait in dispensary lines.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Many boxes provide exclusive discounts on popular brands, helping you save money while exploring new products monthly. It's a cost-effective way to discover and save simultaneously.
  • Variety: Weed subscription boxes typically feature diverse items like edibles, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and rolling papers. Each shipment brings surprises, catering to both seasoned smokers and beginners.
  • Quality Assurance: Monthly weed box companies curate their products meticulously, ensuring consistent quality. They collaborate with top brands to deliver the market's best offerings.


  • Cost: The primary drawback is the expense, with prices ranging from $20 to $100 per month plus shipping fees. Without proper budgeting, costs can escalate quickly.
  • Limited Quantities: While convenient and varied, subscription box contents are often in sample sizes and may not last long. Those seeking larger quantities may find this option unsuitable.
  • Shipping Restrictions: Some areas have shipping limitations on cannabis products, affecting the delivery of weed subscription boxes to certain locations.
  • Lack of Customization: Although boxes offer a range of products, customization options are limited. While some services allow preferred product category selection, specific customization options are usually unavailable.

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What are the benefits of choosing a weed subscription box?

When considering weed sub boxes, there's a wide array of options to explore. Each box presents its collection of cannabis products and accessories, underscoring the importance of researching and comparing offerings before deciding.

Examples like Lucky Box Club, Stoney Babe Box, Puff Pack, and Kush Cargo showcase the variety available. They offer options ranging from affordable monthly subscriptions to premium boxes featuring top-notch products.

Cost and delivery frequency are key factors to weigh. Some companies provide monthly subscriptions, while others deliver weed sub-boxes every two or three months. Additionally, the level of customization matters; some boxes permit subscribers to select specific products or opt for personalized assortments.

Choosing the best weed sub-box hinges on individual needs and preferences. Some prioritize high-quality products and premium accessories, while others value affordability and convenience.

Irrespective of preferences, there's a weed subscription box tailored to fit. With ongoing legalization and expansion in the cannabis industry, more options will likely emerge, simplifying the quest for the ideal box to match your needs.

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Criteria Collection:

To ensure you find the best weed subscription box for your needs, consider these factors:

  • Product Quality: Prioritize boxes offering high-quality, lab-tested products sourced through safe and ethical practices.
  • Variety of Products: Look for boxes with a diverse range of offerings, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and accessories. This enables you to explore different products for a comprehensive experience.
  • Customer Service: Opt for companies that prioritize customer service and are easily reachable. Check reviews to gauge their handling of customer inquiries and complaints.
  • Shipping: Select companies offering discreet, fast, and reliable shipping. Be aware of any state-based shipping restrictions that may apply to certain boxes.
  • Subscription Flexibility: Some companies offer flexible subscription plans, allowing changes in delivery frequency or subscription modifications according to your needs.
  • Exclusive Products: Explore boxes featuring exclusive, hard-to-find products if you seek unique offerings unavailable elsewhere.

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How often are the Weed Sub Boxes delivered?

Delivery frequencies vary among weed subscription box companies. For instance, Hemper provides monthly deliveries, whereas Lucky Box Club offers bi-monthly shipments. It's essential to review the delivery schedule of each company before subscribing.

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Weed subscription boxes offer a fun and convenient means to access the newest cannabis products and accessories. Whether you seek rolling papers, smoking essentials, edibles, or other weed-related items, there's a subscription box suited to your preferences. Prioritize researching reputable brands that offer value, and anticipate the monthly surprises arriving at your doorstep.

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